If a lock is damaged and cannot be opened, a locksmith can be hired to repair it. A locksmith uses special tools to open locks at homes or businesses so that parts of the lock are not damaged further. The area where the key is placed needs to be protected so that a new key can be made if it is necessary. Locks have pins inside of them that need to be lined up properly so that a key will be able to open it.

A SK Locksmith Houston may use a torsion wrench or pick in order to open a lock. A torsion wrench will hold picked pins in place. The tool is used to turn the plug which will result in the lock opening. There are several types of picks that a locksmith commonly uses. A hook pick comes in several sizes and is one of the most common tools that is used to open standard locks. A ball hook has a circular piece on the end of it. It is often used to open wafer locks.

A rake pick is usually used to open inexpensive locks. The end of the tool is placed over the pins and pulled over them. As a result, the pins will be moved until they are in the proper position for the lock to open. Pick guns are a popular tool that are made out of steel or aluminum. They are used with tension wrenches. When a button is pushed, the tool will vibrate and assist with moving the pins. A locksmith can be called whenever an emergency occurs. After they inspect a lock, they will determine which tool will work best to open it.

After a lock is opened, the SK Locksmith in Houston or another locksmith will provide copies of a key if the owner would like to have more on hand. If someone has extra keys, they can place them in a safe area so that they are not at risk of being locked out in the future. If a lock cannot be repaired, the locksmith will assist with installing a new one.